Deepavali Sky Watching session

By admin; Published 08 Oct 2009

BAS has planned it's New Moon observing session on 16th October, just a day before New Moon, and in celebration of Diwali festival.

It's been a long, long, indeed really long time the cloudy skies haven't given way, and this being October, we are already seeing clearance in the skies. We plan to have one observing session before next month's New Moon. Those interested, please join along.

DATE : 16th October, 2009
LOCATION : an open ground (no shelter) Hosahalli, 70 km from Bangalore.
TIME : We need to reach the venue by 5:30 at max, to settle the equipment and ourselves. We start returning back by next day's break.
EQUIPMENT : We possess no equipment of our own, and would have to carry it.
TRANSPORT : We would need one car solely for carrying our telescopes. Other members could come in by their own vehicles preferably. Govt Bus is NOT advisable. Please arrange your own transport, and be philanthropic for car-pooling.

AGENDA : The evening skies offer the breath-taking Scorpius and Sagittarius Milky-Way in South, with Cygnus MW in North. Jupiter is the lone resplendent star in evening. Come midnight, and we have the distant galaxy territory in form of Cetus, Fornax, Sculptor, Eridanus, Pisces, Pegasus. Good start-up for the ambitious players. By dawn, we would have the magnificient photogenic Orion with Milky-way passing through Taurus, Gemini, Auriga.

A comet or two are barely making it visible in our amateur scopes. We have the Orionid Meteor shower peaking on 21st Oct. (3 years back in 2006 they were at an unexpected outburst, and we witnessed the increased splendid activity from 16th to 28th!)

Learning techniques and constellations, sky observing, astro-photography and astro-sketching are all on agenda.

CONTACT : Amar A. Sharma
East End Circle, J.P.Nagar 3rd Phase