Day 7 of 30: Sidewalk Astronomy at Jayadeva Flyover, JPNagar 3rd Phase.

By admin; Published 09 Oct 2009

Volunteers, location, crowd, and telescope were all different on day 7, but it was the same Jupiter which, Over 250 people peeped through the telescopes and enjoyed.

Equipment was Aparna's 4" and BAS 6"
Location was East End Circle bus stop, at the very beginning of Jayadeva Flyover, JPNagar 3rd Phase.

Volunteers during day 7 sidewalk - Amar, Aparna, Madan, Sunil and Sudarshan.

Day 8, location - Shopper's Stop and Mantri Apts, Bannerghatta Road, JPNagar 3rd Phase.
Volunteers - Amar
Time - 7:00 - 9:00 pm.