Day 4 of 30: Sidewalk Astronomy at Sankey tank lake, Sadashivnagar / Malleshwaram!

By naveenln; Published 05 Oct 2009

Like our volunteers supporting this record sidewalk astronomy event, Bangalore skies too join our passion and gave way to view Jupiter and Moon on the bank of Sankey tank Lake, Sadashivnagar.

Almost all age group visiting the lake for a evening walk peeped through the 3 inch telescope setup for sidewalk astronomy today. Approx 200 people enjoyed seeing Moon and Jupiter between 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

As usual many were surprised why we are doing this sidewalk, while the volunteers explained about IYA 2009, everyone appreciated the efforts of BAS in getting the telescope out and organizing such an event.

We are getting calls from our BAS group email list on joining the session, its our pleasure to have you during the sidewalk, infact if you have your own telescope, we will help you conduct a sidewalk astronomy with your telescope too.

Volunteers during day 4 sidewalk : Achyut, Shashank, Ravi babu and Naveen Nanjundappa

Day Five- Place : Malleshwaram, Bangalore. @ 6:30 Pm.
Volunteer Achyut's Contact number: 9480121716