Coorg Star Party - March 2011

By vivek; Published 07 Mar 2011



Date: 5th March 2011

Venue: Kemalee Estate,Coorg



Yet another Star Party for this observing Season and once again we will be visiting the very scenic Coorg district of Karnataka. Kemalee Estates is located near the Karada Village at Coorg and it has proved to be a very good observing Spot for BAS . We wish to exploit the skies to its full extent and observer fainter objects from here.

Some of you may have already made it to Kemalee and we think you might need a cnage in location next time onwards So..We are looking at 2-3 alternates to Kemalee and Coorg . Hopefully we will be abe to visit them next time around.

The massive 17.5" telescope will be present, however this time we have cleaned the mirror and collimated it to perfection to provide clear and perfect images of the Deep sky objects.

We believe the star Party will be an ideal platform for Beginners to start off in Astronomy and get acquainted with the skills of navigating in the night sky. We wish to present the basics of night sky observation to beginners and then slowly graduate to observing DSO's . We will also be using this session to observe some really tough objects though the 17.5" telescope.



Date and time of Departure: Friday, 4th March 2011 , 11 pm from Bangalore

Date and expected time of Return: Sunday ,6th March , 8 pm at Bangalore

Friday,4thMarch 2011- Depart Bangalore at 11.00 pm and proceed towards Coorg on an overnight Journey. We will be travelling in a Temp Traveler or a similar Vehicle.

Saturday,5th March 2011 – Arrive at Kemalee at 7.00 am. Spend the morning doing some trekking/Plantation walk etc. We will arrive for Lunch at the estate. Post lunch , we’d need some rest and then we will start off with some Astronomy based Presentations and listen to a small talk by Amar Sharma. We will use the entire Night for Observing from the estate or a nearby paddy field.

Sunday,6th March 2011 – Most of us will not be up before 8 .00 am So.. our day actually starts after 10.00 am. After having Breakfast at Kemelaee we will proceeded to do some local sight seeing and then head towards Madikeri. We will halt for Lunch at Madikeri and then head back to Bangalore post Lunch.


Registration for the event is currently Closed.


Mr. Amar Sharma –Observing Coordinator BAS-  Mob: 9535098126

Mr. Vivek Yerkadithaya – Mob: 9916435530