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By akarshsimha; Published 13 May 2007

The essence of this post is: - go there for yourself and see the difference.


Anyways, let me elaborate. I feel that there is a limit, after which our forums on this site are absolutely useless...

Wait a minute, I shouldn't be saying such things - or p6 will kick me out from my job as administrator around! But then, I dare say it is true.

Knowledge, experience and passion for astronomy is not as much in India, I feel, as it is abroad. It is probably because of the "misconception" that you need a lot of expensive equipment for astronomy. So it is strange that there are far, far more knowledgable people on international forums than in Indian forums.

The forums on the site I've linked up there are EXCELLENT. I've got (professional! and sensible) answers to most of my questions out there. I suggest that those with questions that are far too advanced for the forums here better post out there!