Chandrashekar no more.

By admin; Published 03 Nov 2008

I regretfully announce this news to the BAS community that our dear friend and Joint secretary of BAS, Chandrashekar R (fondly, chandru to most of us) is no more.

Chandrashekar had been part of BAS since Nov 2006, and had ever since been instrumental in organizing BAS events and contributing to the cause of BAS in general. Last year, He was also elected formally into the BAS council as the Joint secy of BAS.

As a person, Chandru was outgoing (Obsessed trekker who had covered loads of destinations all over India), cheerful, enthusiastic and always full of energy. He was also an activist / avid naturalist who had a flair for birds and ornithology. He also had inclinations towards classical music and entrepreneurship.

It may be some solace that his grossly untimely demise was to happen while he was trekking (an activity he loved) in the western ghats of Belgaum (A water accident), It nonetheless fills our hearts with a certain sense of emptiness that can't be gotten over. Our hearts however go out even more to his family, to whom this must be having absolutely inconsolable consequences.

We'd like to pledge our support to the family of the deceased which includes the mother and his sisters. Our sincere condolences to them. We pray that his soul may rest in peace.

(Chandru's last rites are to be committed tomorrow. Folks who'd like to drop in and pay their last respects can See this.