Biggest Full Moon of Year 2008

By naveenln; Published 12 Dec 2008

Full Moon on 11/12 Dec is the biggest and brightest full moons of year 2008.

Above picture shows two full moons taken by thro a 6 inch reflector telescope 6 months apart.

A simple photography project can be taken by students and amature astronomers, taking full moon photos every month for 1 year can clearly show the changes in the size of Moon due to its elicptical orbit round the earth.

The nearest point(Perigee) and farthest point(Apogee) on Moon orbit differs by approximately 55,000 Kms !!

Once can take photos of Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and Moon's Phase regularly, Overlap the photos taken over a period of time, to get beautiful photo showing path of these celestial bodies in the sky.

Many interesting facts can be deduced by having a collection of full Moons photos, Planetary Conjunctions and Occultations.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready with your camera and be an Astro-Photographer.