back up again!

By p6; Published 26 Jan 2008

We regret the 72+ hours of downtime experienced and the trouble caused to our users thereof. While we are back up now, here 're some of the things that have been carried out in the meanwhile.

Much of the delay was also caused by the fact that the ritual of rerouting to our new server and name servers too took it's own time. We, however expect the new setup to be more efficient in performance than the old and make all the hassles born worth it.

Other issues we encountered included the incompatibility of our SQL dump from the old servers with the new. The Primary-Key and Auto-Increments records in a bunch of our database tables (so far as I've checked now) were lost and we had flurries of SQL errors all over the place. While we 've taken care to fix all that we could find by ourselves, there 're always likely to be more that we would 've failed to come across. In case you do run into one of these (or any other bug too for that matter), Please care to report it to <pavan dot k dot murthy at gmail dot com>. 

Thank you for your cooperation.