back up!

By admin; Published 13 Sep 2009

As most of you would've noticed, experienced more than 120 hours of downtime. Although this must have proved highly inconvenient to people who read our site regularly, we will have to justify it in that it was the only resort, thanks to the lack of dedicated staff.

Nonetheless, we are now back up running upgraded and more reliable versions of necessary software we run as well as a bunch of new features and usability. Our focus will now be on enriching content on the portal to live up to some astronomy-usefulness as well as promote more cohesive networking. We also intend to go multi-lingual and bring out a kannaDa version of our site. Please write to us to help. Your cooperation is much sought!

Due to the lack of adequate testing, many sections might still be buggy. Error reporting is turned on purportly. If you notice something going wack (or a lot of error messages popping about), Please care to write to us about it.