Bangalore Astronomical Society and "100 hours" of Astronomy

By naveenln; Published 17 Mar 2009

As part of IYA 2009, BAS has planned to organise "100 hours" of astronomy outreach event.

During these 5 days and carried for the full April month, Bangalore Astronomical society aims to reachout as many people as possible.

BAS also encourage all Telescope owners to support us in this "100 hours" of astronomy event.

All you need to do is,
1. Select your street / school / college / office / residential area to place your telescope.
2. Point telescope to moon and venus.
3. encourage the public to have a look at moon and venus through Telescope.
4. Make the note of start time, end time and approximate number of people looking thro the telescope.

Send us the report and your report will be added to the BAS report which inturn will be share with IYA 2009 reports.

Volunteers without telescope can also contribute by co-ordinating with BAS members.

Telescope Owners and Volunteers may please contact us at

Our Aim is to achieve 100 Hours of Telescope time during these days.

Event Co-ordinator : Naveen Nanjundappa