Bangalore Astronomical Society and 100 hours of Astronomy.

By naveenln; Published 10 Apr 2009

Dear All,

As you all know as part of IYA 2009, one of the activity proposed is 100 hours of astronomy.

Bangalore Astronomical Society would like to conduct 100 hours of astronomy, with your support to reach more people around Bangalore and outside.

What is 100 hours of astronomy ?

between 1st April ( we are starting one day in advance ;) ) - 5th April. We will get as many telescopes as possible and keep them for public observation.

we plan to achieve a cumulative of 100 hours of telescope observation. ( its simple.. say there are 10 telescopes operating 2 hours a day for 5 days = 100 hours )

What can you do ?

If you have a telescope, then you can place that telescope outside your house.. area.. colony and get people around to peep thro the telescope.

keep a count of approximately how many people visited.

repeat this for all 5 days and send us the report ( total number of telescope observation hours and total number of people )

if you don't have a telescope you can still find some BAS member who owns a telescope and join them for the program.

BAS volunteers and co-ordinators.

Amar, Vivek, Ventakesh, Vishwa, Achyut, Shashank, Deepak, Alex, Ashwin, Pravin S, Pavan K, Naveen LN, Utkarsh, Udayan,

Girish Kumar, Pramod, Rakesh, Shweta Sharma

Any BAS member who want to participate in this program and contribute to the success of the program., Please feel free to contact event co-ordinators.

Event Co-ordinator - Naveen Nanjundappa (9980505003)