BAS outreach event at Sri Vani Education Centre

By p6; Published 24 Apr 2007

Hemant Hariyani - the president of BAS made a presentation at Sri Vani Education Centre, Magadi Road on 28th Feb 2007, Wednesday. The presentation entitled "Our place in the universe" was presented to the audience consisting of school children, parents and teachers alike and generated a tremendous response by all that had gathered. The day also happened to be the school's annual science fair and the presentation was attended by a moving crowd that ranged well past a hundred people or so.

Earlier, Mr Sreenivasa murthy from SVEC had contacted us requesting a lecture on astronomy. And we zeroed upon the theme "Our place in the universe". The intention was basically to inculcate thoughts in the young minds about the sheer enormity and structured hierarchies of the universe right from the minute quantum level to that of  the all-pervading and all-integrating universe. However, the quantum aspects were dropped considering the incomprehensibility of such rigorous concepts at school levels. We however went ahead with the hierarchies there above - "Us at Bangalore in India in Asia on Planet Earth in the Solar system in the Orion arm of the milky way in the Milky way part of the local group part of the......" all integrating into an entity we call Universe. The motive was to not intimidate thoughts of any kind but to freely imagine, comprehend with the astronomical numbers and the sheer enormity of our surroundings and in turn leaving a question mark on the significance of our own civilization and life here on planet earth whilst marvelling at the power of thought blessed to the human mind. As far as the responses went, we were impressed and humbled as excited students quizzed us, all the questions put forth were promptly answered.

While the presentation was over, the questions did keep coming as the students sought information and facts about anything from the general relativity, sky observing, stellar life cycles to cosmic rays ! It just went on to manifest that it's this age of curiosity when great inspirations happen which in turn lead to the development of great minds and great achievements. The session was an extremely pleasurable and pleasing excercise. A whole bunch of people actually sought our contact information towards the end of the presentation.

While the school's science fair was brilliantly organised.. The school also seems to be one among the few that's actually promoting astronomy. The school houses a 7" Telescope and intends to motorize the same and station it in the already built permanent-dome. This indeed was very pleasing to see. The school has also sought our help to collaborate them in their various endeavours pertaining to popularize astronomy and our we've duly offered all possible help. The astronomy scene in the city seems to be taking a turn for the better and the change is heartening.