BAS observing session - September

By amar_universe; Published 21 Sep 2011

The next BAS observing session for the month of September happens to be on the no-Moon Saturday of 24th.

This is an open for all event, and there is no participation restriction.

** TELESCOPE: We will be carrying the BAS 17.5" Discovery dobsonian telescope along. There will a 8" Sky-Watcher dobsonian telescope too. You are most welcome to get your own telescopes and binoculars, however at your own arragement of transporting it.

** VENUE: We are planning to have a refreshment in the observing site this time (from our regular good Hosahalli). It has been scheduled for Korategere, off Tumkur Road, 80 km from North Bangalore. The route is Yeshwantpur - Dabaspete - Koratagere.

This has been the site where BAS hosted its successful Messier Marathon 2010.

The sky is NOT very dark, and there is some background glow. However, it should not be a major problem for observing with the big telescope.

** FACILITY: There is a small room which has bathroom and water facility, and can house atleast 15 people.

Dinner could be arranged for 15 members. For others, we may take some parcel to share.

** TRANSPORT: BAS will not be able to arrange any transport. The participants are expected to drive down in their own vehicles, preferably car-pooling other members which will enable sharing fuel cost.

** COST: The total cost to rent a Qualis to carry the Monster 17.5" would be Rs. 4000/- only, which has to be divided amongst all participants (if 10 members confirm, only 400/- per head). Food, snacks and fuel sharing cost is on the individual.

** SCHEDULE: We depart Bangalore at 2:30pm, due to the long distance and traffic we might encounter going via Yeshwantpur on Tumkur Road. We expect to reach the site by 5:30pm, including time for tea-break. We return the next day after 6:30am taking ~2.5 hours to get back to city.

** WEATHER: We are in NO way control of weather. BAS cannot be held responsible for bad weather in the course of the event, since Bangalore's weather is renowned to be highly fluctuating.

However, we have always remained optimistic, and it has quite worked!

** REQUIREMENTS: Do get winter wear incase it gets frigid during the wee-hours overnight. Do get your own binoculars, telescopes, accessories, star-charts (at your own responsibility). You may get notepads and pencils to make notes or sketches of what you see. Green astronomy lasers are also welcome.

** PARTICIPATION: Those willing to participate are requested to leave a reply in the comment here.

Please mention your -- Name, Vehicle (if any), Equipment (if any), how many of you are coming together. It will help us plan better.

*** Your reply here will only be counted ***

** COORDINATOR: Amar A. Sharma