BAS: The Organization

By admin; Published 03 Nov 2009

Organization Structure
The Bangalore Astronomical Society is a registered not-for-profit organization, under the guidelines of the KSR act. The organization is spearheaded by a council of 8 to 11 persons - 4 of whom are mandatory office bearers: viz, The President, The Vice-president, The Secretary and the Treasurer respectively. The additional council members normally designate as activity coordinators for one of the walks of activities the group is associated with. The council and it's office bearers are nominated or elected annually.

Working Philosophy
BAS pools it's administrative and activity work amongst it's volunteer base. BAS Volunteers hail from different walks of life, most being working professionals or students. BAS neither employs nor provides stipends for anybody involved in it's activities or administration. Services rendered to BAS are typically looked at as a philanthropic investment of time, in coherence with our mission for promoting Astronomy as both a hobby and a Science.

Working Culture
Most proceedings at BAS - activities or official come across to be very informal by nature. Networking amongst Volunteers, at a personal level on many occasions is emphasized. Activity coordination too is highly decentralized and flexible, and managed independently by pools of Volunteers. Web-centricity is also an important trait of our organizational culture, in that a lot of our processes, decision-making and discussions are carried out online. All activity reports are posted on our website. Meetings are typically held once a month. Activity coordinators and enthusiastic volunteers alike enjoy flexibility and autonomy for ideas, activities and decisions and are encouraged to contribute at their convenience.