BAS Workshop on Practical Amateur Astronomy!

By akarshsimha; Published 21 Dec 2013

Dear BASians,
In the past, we conducted classroom sessions on Visual Observation and Astrophotography. As the winter starts and the skies tend to clear up, now it is time to apply our knowledge to explore the universe.
We are glad to announce the Workshop on Practical Amateur Astronomy. Through this workshop, we want to take our skills to the next level. This is also your chance to meet the people who have been regularly contributing their observations and photographs on this forum.
For the venue, we have chosen Keemale Estate in Coorg which is our regular Observing destination. The place is dark, void of any local lights, is safe and has an electricity for Astrophotographers...
This will be a 3-night marathon of observation and photography. Participants are ideally expected to stay for all three nights but can opt to attend for a lesser amount of time. This workshop is a must for everyone who wants to pursue Astronomy as a serious hobby.
Keemale Estate, Karada Village, Kodagu.
Google Maps:Keemale Estate
Registration Fees:
The participation fees for the workshop are as follows. The fee includes food and stay at the observation site and contribution towards BAS for logistics (the transport of the telescopes, the material given at the workshop and miscellaneous cost).
Participants are expected to arrange their own transport or by car pooling with fellow participants.
On special request, we can arrange for the transport provided we have adequate number of people. But the cost and logistics (like starting point, number of days) have to be managed by the participants themselves.
The registration fee will be as follows.
1. Dormitory:
Single Day Participation: Rs. 1800
Two Day Participation: Rs. 3000
Three Day Participation: Rs. 4200
2. Twin Sharing Rooms: (For two individuals)
Single Day Participation: Rs. 4400 (Rs. 2200 per head)
Two Day Participation: Rs. 7600 (Rs. 3800 per head)
Three Day Participation: Rs. 10800 (Rs. 5400 per head)
Note1: If a single person wants an entire room, he/she has to pay for the entire room.
Note2: For people who have opted for rooms, we will try to do our best to provide rooms. The first priority will be given to the families, followed by ladies. If no rooms are available, we kindly request you to adjust in the dorms and the difference money will be reimbursed to you. We request your cooperation in this.
Note3: Since we have to pay for the place in advance, we will not be able to reimburse the money in case you drop out. You can however, send some one else in your place.
Note4: We just have 40 seats. If you register after the seats have been filled, we will not be able to accommodate you.

How to Register:
1. Fill the Google Form
2. Before submitting the form, transfer the money to BAS Account. The account number can be found on the form.
3. Enter the transaction details in the Google form and submit the form.
4. After submitting the form, you will get my contact details. Please save it for your information. You can use my number for any clarifications.
5. After the participant list is frozen, I will send a mail to all the participants with further instructions.
6. Join BAS Google group (if haven't done already) and join the discussions regarding the workshop, transport etc...
More on the workshop:
There will be three tracks in the workshop. The participants have to stick to one particular track.
1. Basic Visual Observation --> Intended for newbies who have never been to the dark skies and observed through the telescopes. This track will be led by Naveen Nanjundappa, President, BAS.
Criteria to participate: Nothing much. We just want your enthusiasm... But if you can bring your telescopes or binoculars, that would be awesome.
2. Advanced Visual Observation --> Intended for people already familiar with the night skies, have seen Messier and some NGC objects and want to go further towards the darker and unheard objects. Akarsh Simha, Vice President, BAS will lead this track and will teach you to use your equipment to the maximum extent.
Criteria to participate: You must bring your equipment, a telescope or a big binocular. A red torch, star charts (we will provide this), observation log sheets (we will share the template beforehand, but you have to print them out), pencils (if you want to sketch), a laptop (optional).
3. Basic Astrophotography --> This track is intended for people who are new to the world of Astrophotography and want to learn how to take basic photos of the night sky with a DSLR and a lens.
Criteria to participate: The participant must bring a DSLR, a sturdy tripod, and an intervalometer. A laptop would be necessary for image processing.

For people who dont have inervalometers, you can make one like this. or get a "Shutter Release Cable" from a Camera shop.
If you have a tracking mount, it will be an added advantage but it is optional.
Apart from the observation sessions in the night, we will also have some classroom sessions during the day to familiarize you with the tools of the trade. We are planning to have live image processing sessions, sessions on using the PC and Mobile based Software effectively for planning and executing observation/photography.

Thanks and Regards,
Keerthi Kiran, Continuing Secretary, BAS