BAS Workshop @ Coimbatore

By naveenln; Published 31 Jul 2009

As Part of IYA2009, Bangalore Astronomical Society was invited to participate in the Ancient and Modern Astronomy workshop conducted by IAPT and Avinashilingam University for women, Coimbatore to deliver a few talks to the workshop participants and conduct Observation session. On 17.July.2009 @ Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore TN.

The program also featured talks by
Dr. S.Balachandra Rao, Director, Gandhi centre of science and human values, Bharatiya vidya bhavan, Bangalore.
Dr.G.Venkatesh, Principal, Indian Academy Degree College, Bangalore.
Naveen Nanjundappa, Vice President, Bangalore Astronomical Society.

The presentation on Telescopes and Astrophotography was very well received and appreciated by the participants.

There were over 300+ participants in the auditorium. Students and university physics staff from various colleges were present.

The Workshop was organized and hospitality was excellent.

We couldn't have any observation session due to bad weather, but the participants were happy to spend more time on learning about telescopes and night sky.

Hard work from Alex and Pramod for arranging the telescopes, and organizing the observation session. I appreciate their contribution to this program, as they managed everything that was required. ( sadly, it was a women's college and we didn't have any volunteer to help us carry and arrange )

A Special Thanks to Shaktivel, President, Coimbatore astronomy club, for his support in providing the telescopes for observations and also his kind presence in helping us for this workshop. He was active through out the day and shared his experiences with the participants too.

Thanks to Staff of Avinashilingam University for giving us an opportunity to be part of this workshop. Special thanks to Prof.K subramanian, for inviting BAS to deliver presentations .

The photos of this workshop are shared here

Event Volunteers :
Naveen Nanjundappa, Alex, Pramod.