BAS Weekly Meet-up (06.10.2013)

By naveenln; Published 07 Oct 2013

Report by – Viswa Keerthy

Carrying the energy from the last meetup, this week meeting was unique and one of it’s kind. BAS members, about 7 participated this week

Adarsh had recently concluded a successful visual observation with his telescope at outskirts of Bangalore. He spoke about how he planned for his observation. What are the instruments that he used? The Challenges that he faced while observing and also gave tips and suggestion for beginners. Interesting part about Adarsh observation was he had documented all the objects that he has seen through telescope by sketching with a well maintained log book. He explained us as well as inspired us by showing his beautiful works and the struggle he faced while doing it. At the end there was a series of questions from the audience about the transportation of telescope, due factor that he faced during night time and the safety of the place. Based on his experience Adarsh answered all these questions which actually help beginners to plan an observation session in a proper way. For all the people who missed this session, here is the recorded version of Adarsh talk.

Following Adarsh talk, Naveen introduced us to the new game with a set of cards. The topic was Constellations. With his bunch of cards on which constellation names are written, which corresponds to the Oct month 8 pm IST constellations, he asked the group to arrange them according to their relative position with respect to each other as we see it in night sky. The group took this innovative challenge and went on arranging the cards according to their relative positions. Naveen pouring his hints here and then, the group was able to arrange the cards to some extent. Later with the help of star chart, the position of cards were re-arranged and Naveen explained all the constellations and how to remember their relative positions with respect to each other. But the task of arranging cards was not yet over! He tested the group learning by asking them to re-arrange the jumbled cards as fast as possible. Bingo! This time group succeeded within one and half minute. It was a very good learning experience for all of them. Later the session was concluded at 08:30pm by explaining how to use a star chart for new comers.

Participants could remember 25 constellations names and their relative positions, star hopping and clock references were explained. Participants went on in round robin to list down all the constellations. The puzzle was solved and great learning experience.

During the session there was naked eye observation of Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Scorpios by all of them. The sky condition is partly cloudy.

Star Chart for October Month: Place: Bangalore

How to use: Print this star chart on A4 size sheet. Hold the star chart above your head, so that the north in the star chart coincides with the north direction. The constellation present in the star chart can be identified in the night sky.

Stay tuned for next topic in our next meeting.