BAS Outreach Event Report - Astronomy @ Krishnanagar

By p6; Published 24 Apr 2007

The Bangalore Astronomical Society had organized an outreach event for the residents of Krishnanagar Apartments off Airport Road. This event was attended by about 40 people in addition to six BAS council members - Pavan, Akarsh, Amar, Rakesh, Vinay and Hemant. This was the second outreach session at krishnanagar and hence involved Saturn and a few DSOs.

The event started on the terrace of a building at 6:45 PM with observation of Venus. Venus had an almost-full phase that day and hence failed to impress most. It was just bright - very bright. While one BAS representative was at the telescope, others were explaining astronomy fundamentals and answering questions asked by children. Next object was the Great Nebula in Orion. Many people were speechless as they realized that what they were seeing was some 1600 light years away and about 30 light years across.

The object of the night was as usual Saturn. People came again and again to observe it. It was too windy but they did manage to see Titan, Cassini Division, cloud patterns etc. Observed with a 9mm plossl, it appeared to be a sharp sticker in your eyepiece and with a 4.8 mm Nagler, it truly revealed it's beauty. This is one object that has to be a part of all outreach sessions.

M41 was faint, but still impressive. Seeing so many stars together is not something that happens everynight in Bangalore. Few people were as always extremely interested and did continue to stay back for another glimpse at M42 and Saturn. They even helped us carry the scope back.

Over all, a good event. Response was not as much as last time and this was probably becuase of the location. Last time, we had kept the scope in a park next to the temple.