BAS Merchandise Designing Contest

By admin; Published 24 Oct 2010

BAS Astronomy Merchandise is on its way guys ,and the good news is 
YOU get to design it, thats right YOUR ideas and designs can be on 
our merchandise !!!! !!!! 
The Bangalore Astronomical Society  wishes to introduce a wide range 
of merchandise and goodies and thus  has decided to have a 
"Merchandise Designing Contest" for all. The contest is open to one 
and all from all age groups , the details of which are as under 

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The BAS merchandise contest is one in which ,people can send in their 
designs for various Astronomy goodies under different categories. The 
Designer (i.e YOU) are free to send to us, your Designs for Goodies 
like T-shirts,Caps or Stickers , related to Astronomy or BAS or 
Astrophysics or what ever that describes us (Amature Astronomers). The 
various categories for which you may send in your designs are:- 

Winning designs , chosen by our Jury shall receive a Special set of 
BAS Astronomy Goodies. 

Your designs must reach us on or before 15th February 2010.



You may Send you designs  in any format. Your designs is important to 
us and not your ability to use a software :) 

However ,Popular Formats are appreciated. 

Designs may be sent to us  by email.Designs may be 
submitted via email to 

All entries must contain your name, E-mail address and contact number.
Once again remember to submit on or before 15th of February 2010. 

You may address all queries to 

Vivek Yerkadithaya K. 
Bangalore Astronomical Society