BAS Meet + Autumnal Equinox

By hemanthariyani; Published 21 Sep 2007

There will be a BAS general meeting @ 4:00 PM this Sunday – Septembers 23rd. Coincidentally, the autumnal equinox is at 4:21 PM IST on the same day. Venue:The meeting venue is the good old Cubbon Park – in the park opposite Indira Priyadarshini Children’s Library. This park is south west quadrant of the huge round-about park in Cubbon Park. The roundabout has a huge light tower in its centre.See the wikimapia link below:
  1. Planning for upcoming observation season
  2. Call for volunteers for various activities
  3. BAS council election announcement - Elections for second term BAS council will be held on 14th of October Procedure will be announced and discussed in the meeting on 23rd September
  4. Planning of outreach/school sessions
  5. Permanent office location discussion – we do not have one yet.
  6. Feedback/Suggestions
Apart from the above, people who have already applied for BAS membership can collect their membership cards on Sunday. Please present a valid identity card while collecting BAS membership card otherwise, the membership card will not be released and there shall be no exceptions to this procedure. Those who have not submitted A STAMP-SIZE PHOTOGRAPH are requested to carry it along. Passport size photographs are too big for the card.

Please call Naveen LN on 9980505003 in case you need any clarifications or in case you are unable to locate the place J. In case you are unable to get through to him, you can call Hemant up at 9845297169.