Astrophotography Workshop 2013

By keerthi2kiran; Published 21 Apr 2013

Astrophotography Workshop


Dear BAS Members,
As we had announced earlier, we are pleased to present "The Astrophotography workshop" on 27 & 28th April in Bangalore.

Dr. Suresh Mohan, who is one of the best Astrophotographers will be the main speaker in the workshop.

This will be a two day, intense workshop for Astrophotographers and people who are planning to start astrophotography. The workshop is organized in such a way that all of us learn from one another and share the knowledge we've gained.

Please mark your calendar for the event.

Here are the details of the event.


General Astronomy - Naveen Nanjundappa
Astronomical Equipment for Astrophotography - Sathya Kumar Prasanna
Wide Field Astrophotography with a DSLR and a tripod - Keerthi Kiran M

Advanced Astrophotography - Dr. Suresh Mohan
Astro Image Processing - Dr. Suresh Mohan

"How I did it" - (15 minutes each - After each session)

Manual Guided Astrophotography - Naveen Nanjundappa
Astrophotography with a Barndoor Tracker - Vishwakeerthy
Tracking the stars with Astrotrac - Sragdhara Dutta Choudhury
Last Stage of a Rocket - Sankaranarayana
Venus Transit Photography - Aditya Ravi

Dates: 27,28 Apr 2013 (That's next weekend).

Jain University
School of Graduate Studies, JC Road,
#34, 1st Cross, JC Road,
Bangalore - 560027

Registration Fee: Rs. 500

How to register:
Please transfer the registration fee online. Then, fill in this form.

Thanks and Regards,
Keerthi Kiran M,

Secretary, BAS