And the skies turn blue

By p6; Published 15 Aug 2007

Things were ever so unreceptive at Melkote and we managed to catch not one single perseid (Atleast, I din't)..

Ironically, not a day after that and the skies have been crystal clear here.. The mornings have been all blue with a 2000K white balance..and the evenings have Saggitarius and Scorpius basking in full glory down south, whilst Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila rise steadily up north east.

Honestly, It's probably time for a HHalli session again...But them my paranoia says it wont be clear that night!

BTW.. I saw a super bright fireball yesterday night..Started About 80 degrees up exact north and burnt away with a bright trail some 20 degrees towards the east!

August is by far the that time of the year when you'd really want sessions..Especially because its when the southern skies are at their best...and that you'd be dying for a session after a drought of 3 months or so.

Brings me back some fond memories of Aug 24th, Last year