Amateur Astronomy - Pro-Am Collaboration

By naveenln; Published 31 Jan 2009

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore. In association with the Astronomical Society of India has organised "Amateur Astronomy: Pro-Am Collaboration" Workshop on 17th February 2009

This is a session of the 27th meeting of the Astronomical Society of India (

This workshop aims at capturing the scope of amateur

astronomy in India and exploring the pro-am collaboration. It is urged that like-minded professional and

amateurs participate to make the program achieve fruitful results. The program has invited talks and

plenty of scope for discussion and interaction.

Title - Speakers as below.

Asteroid Occultation Programs, Amateur-Professional

\t- Prof. Vasundhara Raju

Amateur Radio Astronomy

\t- Dr. Joydeep Bagchi

Contribution of Amateurs Historical Perspectives

\t- Dr. B S Shylaja


\t- Shri Ajay Talwar

Amateur programs with medium sized telescopes

\t- Shri R Nagaraj

Radio Meteor Observations and Meteorite Search

\t- Dr. Bharat Adur

Coordinated projects by Amateurs, so far..

\t- Dr. N Rathnasree

Meteor Observations and Analysis

\t- Dr. G Yellaiah

The attraction of the Night Sky

\t- Shri Y Ravi Kiron

Amateur and Virtual Observatories

\t- Shri L N Naveen

Demonstration lecture in Astronomy

\t- Shri Jayanth Ganguly

Future of Amateur Astronomy

\t- Dr. P N Shankar

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Coordinator ( from BAS ) : Naveen Nanjundappa.