Advanced Astrophotography Seminar

By naveenln; Published 13 Sep 2011

Dear Astrophotographers,

Bangalore Astronomical Society shall be organizing Advanced Astrophotography Seminar

Requirements for registration:
1. Participant should have been astrophotographer and active
2. or Should own required telescope and camera equipment, understands the basics of astrophotography.
3. or should know astronomy, astrophotography to an intermittent level.

PLEASE Note this program is not for new buddies.

Speaker: Mr Nikolas Hericks, Astrophotographer BAS.
Venue will be emailed to all the registered participants.

Date: 26th Sept, 2011. Monday Evening @ 6pm.
Duration: 3 hours

Volunteers: Amar Sharma & Keerthi Kiran
Email address for registration: &

There is a limit of 20 people, first come first serve basis (BAS registered members get priority on conflicts)

Topics planned for discussion are,

Prerequisits: Mount, Telescope (Field correction, F-ratio, Aperture, Vignetting) Camera and accessories, Guiding, Software Planning and Object selection (Seeing, sky brightness, transparency, scattered clouds), (Time for setup, selection of the FOV, Field Size, Guiding Setup, Planning of the obervation time, alternative objects)
Estimate limits (Background brightness and Narrowband/UHC filters,surface brightness,Noise , QE, Gain&Bias, ADU, Photon Flux).
Taking the images (image capture process and software, tools to analyse the images during capture with background brightness in %, FWHM, count of stars).
Focusing and choosing exposure time, (Sensor Saturation, Dynamic Range), Number of exposures, Narrowband/Colorfilter responsiveness adjustment (emission intensity of PNs/calibrating with H-beta), effects of binning, (Side box: Measures against stray light in the city)
Preprocessing (Dark Frames, Flat Frames (Side box: When they are required, how to make them and Synthetic Flats), filter Hot/Warm Pixel, preselection of frames, adding frames (or meridian with many pictures and dithered guide), advantages/disadvantages, Dithering (when is it useful?)
Main processing (Color adjustment, Histogramm, image filtering, (Side box: scientific vs. normal Image processing).
Post processing, reducing bit depth, HDR compression)
Links and additional information.

Speaker will give an overview about what needs to be considered for astrophotography