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The Society holds the following genre of activities.

  1. Meetings and Seminar sessions
  2. \t
  3. Star Parties and Observation sessions
  4. \t
  5. Amateur Telescope Making sessions
  6. Public outreach and schools' sessions
  7. Astro Tours
  8. Research

Meetings and Seminar sessions

The society meets up monthly. Meetings feature Seminars/Talks by members/guests while also summarize upcoming plans and sort out pending administration issues.


\t \t\tStar Parties and Observation sessions

The society conducts atleast 1 observation event every clear month and more as per requirement. Typically, the event is held on the saturday of the month closest to the new moon. Deep sky observation and astrophotography are always on the agenda. Special sessions of the stipulated schedule are held during times of special celestial events like occultations, meteor showers and such. Beginners are also given assistance with - basics of observing, constellations and object finding techniques.


\t \t\tATM (Amateur Telescope Making) sessions \t

The society embarks on instrumentation projects which aim at making telescopes. The society takes up projects in Amateur Telescope Making during the monsoons, when no observing activities are feasible. The society plans to conduct Amateur Telescope Making workshops.


\t \t\tPublic Outreach and Schools' sessions

One of the aims of the society is to promote understanding of astronomy and amateur astronomy. It includes talking astronomy out to the general public as well as to the school students. In this pursuit, the society conducts various outreach events. An outreach event may range from a talk on astronomy or astrophysics to a large-scale observing session with several telescopes pointed at bright objects like the moon, Saturn and Jupiter.

\t \t\tAstro Tours and Travels

Be not dismayed.. for these aren't referring to space travel !.. These are tours to scenic locations with a motive to blend astronomy into nature. Typically, the intention is to have a session of field-work ( a trek maybe ? ) by the day while enjoy the night observing the sky. Held on a Tri-monthly basis.

Deep Sky Observing and Astrophotography are usually the night agenda.


\t \t\tAstro Research

\tThe group aims at pursuing and promoting research and scientific studies in astronomy. For this purpose, we intend to collaborate with various other organisations.

\tPlease see our Events Schedule for the upcoming events.