A telescope I am making in the summer holidays

By admin; Published 24 Oct 2010

I will make a telescope in my holidays. 25-3-10 an dprobably end on 20-5-10.In that time,I want to make a reflecting telescope.I already own a small celestron refractor.My budget is about Rs.1000-14,000.I was thinking of something like a mirror with a diameter of 30cm.I will need to know how I can get the tools required  to make my telescope.Especially the abrasive and polishing compounds.The tube wikll not be a problem and neither the eyepieces because I will use the ones I got with my celestron telescope.Also,my secondary mirror,focuserand EQ mount(model EQ1)will be coming in from Tejraj telescopes.As an alternative,in case thwe telescope is way too big,I will use a 6" mirror again from Tejraj telescopes.So ,first of all tell me if my first design is probable and if it is ,tell me where I can get the compounds and I have no dearth of mentors.And, if it is not practical will the other design be practical? I am using a software called NEWT2.5 to design my telescope.And I would prefer to grind ther mirror and polish it on my owm.I have a fair bit of knowledge about deep space objects.I have seen Saturn's rings,the moon,Venus,Mars,The Orion nebula with my celestron telescope.But now it is time to upgrade to a better one.I also want to learn telescope making so that I can make more and want to refrain from buying a telescope.By the way I am 14 years old.