30 Days Non-Stop Sidewalk Astronomy Nights in Bangalore.

By naveenln; Published 18 Sep 2009

Bangalore Astronomical Society as part of International Year of Astronomy 2009, organize a series of sidewalk astronomy nights in various areas of Bangalore.

"30 Days Non-Stop Sidewalk Astronomy Nights" is a unique program.

From 01.Oct.2009 to 31.Oct.2009
Venues: Various areas of Bangalore and from the event request list.

Objectives of this program :
1. To show maximum number people Planet Jupiter and moon through the telescope.
2. Spread a word of astronomy and answer FAQs.
3. In case of rain / clouds - engage people with talks about solar system and telescopes.
4. School / college visit and presentations.

FAQs -
1. I don't know anything about astronomy, but i am interested can I join you guys ?
--- Yes, you are most welcome, you will learn over a period of time and also get a chance to interact with other BAS volunteers. you can register as a volunteer http://www.bas.org.in/Home/volunteer-signup

2. I stay in an apartment is it possible that we can have a session here ?
3. Can you visit my school / college ?
4. I am outside Bangalore, can you visit us ?
--- Yes, you can register for the event here http://www.bas.org.in/Home/forms/request-event

5. I have a telescope and want to use it during this program, but I don't know how to use it?
--- you are welcome to use your telescope for this program as volunteer, in case you don't know how to use the telescope, you can pair up with other volunteer and they will guide you.

6. Can I get my friends / parents ?
--- Yes

7. what if it rains.
--- we have alternate plans and shall start discussing about telescopes and general astronomy.

8. What is the fee to participate ?
--- ZERO. There is no fees.

Volunteers and Event Coordinators
Naveen Nanjundappa, Vivek, Viswakeerthy, Achyut, Alex