1 year back...

By amar_universe; Published 01 Oct 2007

Luckily, this just struck my mind right now and I thought of sharing this moment from my Observation Diary with all.

Exactly one year back on the very date and time of posting this, at dawn of October 2, Akarsh, Shashank and Me were out observing actively as usual and just missed out on something really big! We were in the same field of this object and so were many other observers worldwide, but only one veteran named David H. Levy was destined to catch it - the 10th mag. periodic comet P/2006 T1 Levy was discovered just beside the ringed-planet Saturn in the morning sky in Leo!!! There was no need to "observe" a repeated object, Saturn, so we just "saw" Saturn and moved on, not knowing what we have missed just inches from it!! :(


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