What We Do

By admin; Published 14 Oct 2009

Activity Overview

Our Activities broadly fall into the following categories: Observing, Instrumentation, Outreach, Workshops and Meetings respectively. BAS Activities are normally open to one and all. BAS organizes, motivates and encourages it's members to volunteer in Astronomy popularization and outreach initiatives. BAS Activities are normally announced and promoted solely on the web and sometimes with voluntary intervention from the media.

Activity Frequency

BAS Activities are influenced by the time of the year and weather. Winters mostly see Observing activity while Summers are used for outreach and Instrumentation events. Regular meetings are held throughout the year. We make a spirited to effort to keep up all activities throughout the year often launching special campaigns and awareness events to raise awareness about various disciplines of Astronomy.


BAS is tied up with various local organizations to handle Astronomy related events, primarily falling in the outreach domain. BAS schedules and mobilizes Volunteers to help conduct these events. Some of our associates who we frequently conduct events for include the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium (BASE) and more. We also hold goodwill with various other Science and hobby promotion organizations who seek our help for Astronomy programmes.

Activities on Demand

Part of the BAS outreach agenda is to cater effectively to the massive requisitions of events we receive. These include Schools, Apartment complexes, Parks, Malls and various Philanthropic organizations. We strive our best to cater to all requests non-commercial and educationally inclined in nature.

Special Events

BAS networks closely with various international bodies that coordinate Astronomy events on a global scale. We almost always organize special, dedicated events for occasions like the International Astronomy Day, International Sidewalk Astronomy Night and more. 2009 - The International Year of Astronomy witnessed a tirade of events dedicated to outreach - including participation in campaigns of the like of "100 Hours of Astronomy" as well as the self-conceived initiative to have 30 continuous days of Outreach events around the city in the month of October. Special events are also conducted at the incidence of various Astronomical phenomenas like Comet appearances, Meteor Showers, Occultations, Transits, Eclipses and more.

Activity Statistics
As of October 2009, We have more than 30 large-scale Outreach events conducted since 2006. More than 10 Star Parties also add to our credit. 3 Workshops on Astronomy have been organized so far. We've also taken active part and local initiatives for various global or national Astronomy events including International Astronomy Day, International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (ISAN) and various campaigns and self conceived initiatives for the International Year of Astronomy (2009). BAS delegates regularly visit, network and interact amongst other amateur astronomy happenings and events around India.

Volunteer Workforce

All BAS events are handled and coordinated by resources from the BAS Volunteer Pool. Our Volunteers are closely, personally networked and passionately dedicated to our philosophy.