By vivek; Published 31 May 2011


Astronomy is a very interesting hobby and for the majority of us it is mostly observation based. People who have remained in the hobby for some time will tell you the importance of having a telescope and once you start ascending into Serious Observational Astronomy, a telescope becomes an indispensible tool.


BAS realizes the need for its members to have access good telescopes and thus introduced the concept of THE TELESCOPE LIBRARY. Under this facility members of the organization are permitted to borrow telescopes for their personal observations with a payment of a small maintenance fee. Grant or approval of usage is based on some simple criteria.




ü  You must be a Valid BAS Member and in good standing

ü  You must have the ability to use the equipment safely

ü  You must use the equipment for non-profitable and personal work and not for any commercial activity



The telescopes with the maintenance fee is indicated below



Both telescopes will be issued with a basic set of eyepieces and related accessories. The application form with the details of the process is found below






In case you wish to address any concern or wish to convey any grievance in please send an email to