Bangalore Sky Survey

By admin; Published 14 Oct 2009

Location : Hosahalli Village

Approximate Distance : 70KM North off Bangalore. 20KM from Doddaballapur enroute to Gouribidanur (Wikimapia :

Observing site : Government High School

Basic amenities : Sanitation available, Classrooms to sleep, Other paraphernalia to be brought along.

Horizons : Blocked by trees.

Approach road : Terribly badly cratered.

Support from locals : Extremely cooperative and helpful.


Visibility of M31 : Yes

Visibility of M33 : Yes

Visibility of Milky way : Yes, Good.

Background sky glow : Variable. Bad sometimes, mostly average. South is lighted up due to Doddaballapur lights.

M35, M41, M44, Double Cluster : Yes

Naked eye limiting magnitude : 6.0 +

Great location.. Bad sky glow on hazy days. New lights nearby. Horizons blocked by trees. Very safe, classrooms for shelter.